What is Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding? Complete Explanation

Welding is the process that can join the metals or something like this by using the healing process etc. In welding, you can join the metal things by using the heat, and from this, base metal cannot be melt. Tig Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) is a great process by which you can join the metal and putting some tungsten electrode between them.

Tig welding is also very popular as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and it is the process of welding metals with the help of an arc. The support of shielding gas uses this process. Welding has many types, and Tig Welding is one of its models.

This welding technique is becoming more popular with time because of the ease they provide. Even the lightweight welders need to be dragged into places, and that will increase the risk of accidents.

-Methods of Welding-

There are different methods of welding, which are as follows:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Process.
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process.
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding Process.
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding Process.
  • Submerged Arc Welding Process.
  • Electroslag Welding Process.

These are the different processes of welding, while the leading and most important method is the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process, also known as Tig Welding.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc WeldingThis process is also known as Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, and it is complete by the manual process. It is the most exceptional welding process in which some separate filler type material uses no consumable electrode, and it can also use an inert gas mixture. A master can only do this method.

It must be applied to all metals which can be weld. This method is only suitable for thin metals like stainless steel etc. A high-quality arc is also necessary for this welding process. 


Importance of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is used on thin metals that can be weld easily. This method applies to especially thin metals like stainless steel. It can weld the soft, thin sections of metals like Aluminum, Magnesium, etc. This type of welding demands higher quality welder with a strong command of the machine. 

A two-handed technique also knows because one hand is holding the torch, and others feed the filler material. Furthermore, it is a more sophisticated technique as compared to other methods of welding. It provides you with all the best features and enough strength to carry out your work. Moreover, the carrying capacity is enough to manage heavy welders. 

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Basic Theory of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

In this technique, a simple arc develops and, established by the non-consumable electrode. Then the heat which is produced by the arc melts the base metal. When you weld the metal, any type of inert gas secures the metal from preventing the air. Thus the shielding gas holds the tungsten electrode from oxidation.

Hence, typical Tig Welding has a simple AC machine that has the shielding gas flow. Then this shielding gas goes through the flow meter and torch also. 

Operation Process of Tig Welding

This method is more complicated than any other method. This method requires a two-hand operation to handle. One hand is busy handling the welding torch, and the other hand is active in feed to filler metal. The welder has to maintain the distance between the electrode and the workpiece to avoid contact. 

A high-quality generator is required to provide electricity spark to the welding arc. One more thing is to create a circle path to develop a pool of welding. It is more important to contain a separate distance between the electrode and workpiece to avoid any problem. 

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Basic Principles of GTAW

  • First of all, users must remember some basic rules before using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Some of the basic principles are as follows:
  • First of all, one important thing is to keep in mind that all parts of metal should be clean and clear. There will be no dirt or rust on the metal parts. If necessary, clean the welding material with any type of bush, grinder, so that metals should be in great shape.
  • The welder should choose the correct shielding gas and electrodes for the welding process. These two things of welding are essential. Users must choose the electrode size wisely and must choose the accurate electrode.
  • Users are sure to select the correct shielding gas for welding because shielding gas has the most critical impact on the welding. They must wisely prepare the electrode and the point.
  • The other basic principle is that your work should be appropriately ventilated and clean. The welding material is also clean and bright.
  • Use the specific chart of ampere and voltage of content, which shows the accurate voltage and ampere to welders.
  • Make sure that the working connections must be reliable and good enough. For welding, all connections must be in good condition.
  • Two extra chains are used in this welding cart that helps you manage the Tig welders. These chains come in handy for holding the gas tanks used for Tig welding.
  • Two extra trays have been provided. These trays help you to keep the accessories and other equipment so that you might need while working.
  • This method of welding’s size is maintained by keeping the usual fitting of welders in mind. Most of the manufacturers use a similar size, which is why this method is best for all of them.
  • The design and thickness of this welding method to carry heavyweight. 0.4 inches thickness of storage trays use in this welding method. They can easily carry welders and plasma cutters of up to 176 lbs. Therefore, it is tough and durable.

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There are different characteristics of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, which are going to be discussed here:

Non-Consumable Electrode 

A welder uses the non-consumable electrode during the whole welding process. In this method of welding, you can join the metal things by using the heat, and from this, base metal cannot be melt.

It is a modest welding process in which no consumable electrode use with some separate filler material, and it also uses an inert gas mixture.

Number of Gases Used

This method has a variety of gases used to join metals. You can use Helium, argon gases to join the metals easily. With the help of these gases, you can weld a wide range of metals easily. 

Applied on Thin Metals

Itis only applied to thin metals like stainless steel and other thin materials. Users can use this process on thin materials and especially on stainless steel etc. This process does not apply to other than thin metals. 

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High-Quality Weld

From this process of welding, users can produce high-quality welds. They can weld easily thin metals with the help of different equipment and different safety measures. So that users have no problem of getting injured.

Easy transportation 

The different measurements of this welding method are kept very precise to enhance transportation. You will be able to transport the TIG welder, AC welders, MIG welders, and plasma cutters. You will also get enough space to keep your tools and accessories safe. 

Safety chains 

Two safety chains are store in this welding method that helps you to catch up on things that need extra support. For instance, a gas cylinder needed for this type of welding. 

For all Thin Metals

It can use to join all types of thin quality metals very quickly. Users can easily do high-quality welding with the help of GTAW. Helium and argon gases make so much good impact on the welding piece that there will be no slag on pieces. 

Hence, with high-quality generators, users can easily generate actual electric current to do welding. Users can join different metals with the help of different techniques. Users can make the welds completely free of defects.

Filler Material

Users can do welding with filler material and without filler material on demand. There is no any precautionary measure to do only filler material. So they can do both filler material do without filler material welding. 

Extra control

This process provides users with extra control over the heating intensity and the filler material etc. Users can control the heat intensity, whether to apply maximum heat or minimum heat to metals. 

Ideal for Fillet Welded Joints

This method of welding is good for fillet welded joints. Users can do fill small joints as well as easily. This type of welding keeps the welder busy filling small holes etc. They can join different small metals easily. 

Root Passes

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) can also use to join the root passes. Users can join root passes with the help of GTAW. This welding demands the cleanliness of the welder. Although, this is the most important part of the welding process because it fills, joins the root passes with ease. 

Components of GTAW

There are different components of GTAW, which will be very helpful for users to understand it. The components are as follows:


The power source is most important in the welding process. Make sure that the power current should be in great touch, and there will be no problem due to the current. Dc power current will give better current and arc, but the workpiece should be clean and clear. 


There are also different kinds of torches. Some have control of on/off in hand, and some have this control in the foot pedal. Users can change the control torch functions at their ease. 

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal is an important component of this method. This Pedal indicates from the name that it locates in the foot of the welders. So the foot pedal controls the current which goes into the torch. If the user pushes forward to the foot pedal, the more electric current will move towards the torch and the arc becomes hotter. 

Users must need to be aware of the foot pedal intensity. There should not be push forwarding the current, which damages the arc and metal get melt.

Gas Shielding and Electrodes

Gas Shielding is another most important part of GTAW welding. Without the proper gases, you cannot weld anything properly. Electrodes must be in good condition to weld some good quality metal. 

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Tig welding is also popular as GAS Tungsten Arc Welding. Moreover, it is the most important welding method. It has the most appropriate parts which impact most welding. Welders can define their welding techniques easily by this method.

Assembling might not seem tough, but it gets if you do not have much experience, and the guidelines are not enough. So, if you are a beginner and do the welding for the first time, you must go for the high-quality electrodes and gas shielding like Helium. It will reduce the assembling time. 



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