How To Set Up a Tig Welder? A Complete Guide…

Nowadays, Tig welding is an important type of welding. Users can do welding with Tig welding quite efficiently. But the Tig welder must be master in his work. How to Set up a Tig welder? is quite an important thing to understand and operate. Tig welder must be quite efficient in his work and service. 

How to Set Up a Tig Welder

Both hands do tig welding. One hand is used to hold the torch Tig, and the other hand is used to hold the filler pedal, which adds filler metal to the joint. This type of welding can be done by both hands. 

It is often understood that Tig welder can be quite efficient and master in his work and has a strong grip on his work. Tig welding is different from other types of Welding Techniques. Thus the Tig can also be used to weld stainless steel, aluminum, etc. 

Operating the Tig welder is quite a difficult task to do. Tig (Tungsten Inert Gas) generates the heat from the arc, which is the electricity of the arc. 

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Some techniques should be kept in mind while  Set up a Tig welder.

Choose the Electrode

The first thing that should keep in mind that wisely chooses the electrode. For aluminum welding, we must select the tungsten electrode. Thoriated tungsten electrodes can also be used in an alternative manner, which is unique and good. 

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Grind the Electrode

  • Users must grind their electrode first. The electrode must have a pointed or rounded tip so that electrode can transfer electric current to the joint. But the tip will also be rounded because of heat.
  • Then please remove the gloves as well before grinding the electrode. Some points should also keep in mind for grinding the electrode.
  • Firstly clean your workpiece and then prepare the electrode to grind.
  • Clean the metal and do completely grind all parts of the electrode very keenly.
  • Must remove the flammable metals or materials from the specific area and clean the whole surface smartly.
  • Welders must ensure to adjust the screens wisely to keep protect the people from the flashes.
  • Please cover all parts of the table which are exposed and prevent the table from damage. Must cover them with aluminum foil.
  • Then adjust the settings and on the machine slowly. After this, turn on the gas.

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Insert the Electrodes into the Collets

You have to prepare your electrode ready for this. Replace its back and insert the rod into it. It is noted that the tip of the electrode must be 2 inches away from the sheath, protective. 

Choose the Settings

The normal Tig machine has three options, DC, Ac, and DCEN. Our primary concern is about AC current, which is usually available in all machines supply. 

Then please set the cleaning button to a more penetrating side. After this, maximize the duration time in which the gas stays in an arc. 

Turn the Gas On

Gas is very important in the welding process. It keeps the weld prevent from corrosion. Metal, when it reaches to high temperature, will change into rust. 

Make sure to turn the gas on. Argon gas would be best for the aluminum metal. Carbon dioxide gas is also very important in the welding process.

Tig Welding Steel

Tig welding steel is very important and easy. The polarity is used in all types of gases like Helium, Argon, and Tungsten, etc. tungsten needs to be pointed or rounded from the tip. 

Prepare Metal

Users must prepare their metal materials and welding table. There is also an available special welding table in the market. But the majority of users use welding sheath for this purpose. For better welding, we must clean the welding table and metal from acetone. 

Before the welding start, we must clear the welding table with anti-spatter, which is quite helpful. The welding table and metal material should be clean and clear.

Get Dressed

Tungsten gas will burn the hands and will affect your eyes also. So you have to keep precautionary measures to save from the effects of welding. Try to use the Tig Gloves and goggles to avoid contact with radiations. Welders must use the helmet on the head to safe properly. 


Please make sure that the electrode will be away from the metal. Hold the electrode from one hand and torch in the other hand. Then push forward to the foot pedal to pass the current and heath the metal. Then heat the metal, and the weld pool will be formed soon.

Do not try to heat the metal for a long time otherwise, and it will warp. After the pool is formed, try to slow down, push the foot pedal, and control the heat amount. You must have the torch in one hand and at the correct angle. 

Now push the torch in the direction of welding, where the welding process is going. The torch is important in this process to see all the process clearly. 

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Draw a Bead

Welders have to lighten the foot pedal to control the current process. If the metal material is going to melts, push less foot pedal to avoid the melting. Users have to weld aluminum by moving the rod towards the electrode. In this way, you can weld more strongly aluminum in uniformity.

After the welding, please put the torch away from the machine and release the foot pedal slowly. 

Cleanup the Things

  • After the welding process, users must have to watch the fire and things for sixty minutes, at least.
  • After welding, please turn the voltage off or to the min settings.
  • Then press the pedal to end or release the whole gas completely.
  • Then close the gas circuits and valve completely.
  • Please off the welder and close all things.
  • Then take off all the electric cables to avoid contact with rod and metal.

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In the last, put your all luggage away from the machine and put all things close. Make sure that all circuits and valves must close, and there will be no spark current remains in the machine or welding. 


How to Set up a Tig welder is the main concern for the users nowadays. They tried to operate the Tig welders in the most appropriate way so that they can weld the metals in a clean way.