Basic Tig Welding Tips and Techniques For the Beginner’s

Nowadays tig welding is easy to set up and that’s why we are telling you about some of the tig welding tips and tricks for beginners. Tig Welding is indeed one of the best techniques for welding using nowadays. It is also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and is also used to join different metals. It provides you with all the best features and enough strength to carry out your work. Furthermore, the carrying capacity is enough to manage heavy welders. Tig Welding Tips and Techniques are essential to join the thin metals in proper style. 

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Users can join the metals in different ways in Tig welding and can access the full features of Tig welding. Tig Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is used to bond the stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, and copper material. For users, it also allows the higher quality weld to attain the best weld. 

This Tig welding is a strong bond between the non-consumable electrode and base metal. It strengthens both materials, and an arc will form between these two materials. Tungsten is the premium quality of metal, and mostly electrodes are made up of pure tungsten. These electrodes come up in a variety of sizes, and they are all in premium tungsten quality.

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-Basics of Tig Welding-

Tig welding is performed manually and automatically. Users can do their welding duty manually. Both hands can do it. One side is also used to grab the torch, and the other hand for welding purposes. Base metals have different temperatures of boiling, melting indeed.

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Shielding Gases

There are several shielding gases that are used in Tig Welding purposes.  Argon is the most superior gas used in Tig welding. Users can weld their mostly metals with argon gas. It operates in the higher voltage and ampere and makes the arc more perfect. It is usually welded different metals like aluminum, titanium, etc.

Helium is the other gas that is included in the Tig welding process. Users can weld their metals with a high-quality arc. Helium is also to increase the welding speed and heat intensity as well. Generally the high-speed quality type of metals like mild steel and titanium etc. It also operates in a smaller heat intensity area. 

Sometimes Helium/argon works in combination also. This technique is used in the automatic type of welding processes and used for the hotter arc, high-temperature steel. Stainless steel, aluminum can be weld by the helium/argon combination.

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Tungsten electrodes are used in Tig Welding for better performance. Some users use lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide electrodes as alternatives. In welding current, it is most important to choose the correct electrode, its size, etc. Generally, the electrodes are proportional to the current, the lower the electric current, the smaller the diameter of wire and size.


Arc is the other main basic of Tig Welding. It is the main Tig welding Tips and Techniques. Generally, the arc strengthens the main component of this welding. Welding can be done by touch the arc with the surface. So by this short circuit will be formed and the current will pass the whole process of welding. 

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-Tig Welding Techniques-

Tig Welding Tips and Techniques are important For welding purposes. With the help of these tips, users can do great weld. 

  • Users can use the high integrity gas delivery establish with the help of a gas cylinder supply.
  • Tig welders must retain the low flow, and it applies must on the thin metals.
  • For Tig welding, users must use a high-intensity torch. Use the high-intensity torch and must separate the gas line from the power cable.
  • Make sure to use the main supply of gas in Tig welding. You must use the high quality of oxygen trap in this welding process.
  • Users must use high-quality helium and argon shielding gas. These high-quality gases will give better performance of welding.
  • Just use the trailing shielding amount of gas in Tig welding. It is also a vital tip.
  • The controlled amount of hydrogen in helium and argon will provide better weld. Users can get better welding performance with the help of a controlled amount of hydrogen.
  • Always use thin metals like stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. these thin metals will easily weld by this process.
  • If the users use the thicker metal, then they have to adjust the maximum penetration if needed. It is quite an exciting tip of Tig welding.
  • Users must use the cooled water torch to avoid the melting process. Tungsten got melt if hot water torch use. So it is necessary to use a must cold water torch.
  • This welding technique is the best fit for most of the welders and also plasma cutters. Its size is maintained by keeping the usual fitting of welders in mind. Most of the manufacturers use a similar size, and that is why this cart is best for all of them.
  • It is most durable because of complete steel construction and other techniques.
  • This welding machine has three storage trays where you can keep some extra tools and other equipment. Furthermore, you can also keep the gas cylinder on the lower shelves. The chains present on the shelves will become useful for holding the cylinder in its place.
  • Thus, this welding technique is becoming more popular with time because of the ease they provide. Even the lightweight welders need to be dragged to places, and that will increase the risk of accidents.
  • It can be applied to all types of metals which can be weld. This method is only suitable for thin metals like stainless steel etc. A high-quality arc is also necessary for this welding process.
  • A high-quality generator is required to provide electricity spark to the welding arc. One more thing is to create a circle path to develop a pool of welding.
  • It is more important to contain a separate distance between the electrode and workpiece to avoid any problem. So keep assuring the safe distance between the electrode and workpiece.

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Hence, Tig Welding Tips and Techniques are quite crucial for the use of welding. Users can perform Tig welding better with the help of these tips and techniques. But Tig welding is very popular among all welders nowadays, and they want to become an expert in this type of welding. So with the help of these tips and techniques, welders can be very successful in performing Tig welding.


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